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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Illinois and Wisconsin with over 20 years of clinical experience serving clients across the lifespan. I hold a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from Loyola University Chicago Graduate School of Social Work. 


My clinical training is rooted in psychodynamic, developmental and interpersonal approaches to psychotherapy, as well as Cognitive Behavioral interventions, Family Systems, and Attachment-focused points of view. I have certificates in the Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Thought and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute specializing in child and adolescent development and psychodynamic psychotherapeutic intervention. 


I work with clients across the developmental life span, including children and adolescents, providing individual, couple and family psychotherapy from a developmental, biopsychosocial-spiritual and humanistic lens. In my practice, I treat:

  • states of emotional distress and dysfunction arising from family history, life transitions, complex/prolonged bereavement, abuse & trauma experiences, pregnancy complications, parenting challenges, job stress/loss, social isolation, identity confusion, coming out, separation & divorce, relationship loss

  • navigating anxiety, excessive worry & fears, distress, avoidance, panic, intrusive thoughts, hyper vigilance

  • counseling through life transitions such as infertility, adoption, pregnancy and parenting, family dynamics, job changes, marital challenges, separations and relationship loss

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